Why call Cox, Koltak and Gibson LLP if you have been injured while working on a construction site in Columbus, Ohio?

Workers on Ohio’s construction sites file at least 6,000 workers’ compensation claims every year. In 20 percent of the work-related illnesses and injuries, the worker lost eight days or more from work and incurred at least $44,000 in medical expenses. If you or someone you love was injured or died in a construction site accident in Columbus, Ohio, the per Workers’ compensation attorneys of Cox, Koltak, and Gibson LLP know how to help you get benefits for your medical bills and lost wages. Trip and fall accidents and overexertion cause 60% of all the work-related construction site accidents. Other causes that can result in wrongful deaths involve lack of communication between contractors working side by side on the job site.

Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Even when your employer agrees to accept you worker’s compensation claim, they may not complete your application correctly which can lead to denial of your benefits. You need our experienced lawyers to represent you and to help you decide what to do during the difficult initial days after your accident. Your employer who valued your work can suddenly try to reduce their liability for your injuries. Workers’ Compensation will pay you a percentage of your lost wages while you’re temporarily disabled, and it will pay for your medical bills and rehabilitative care. Workers’ compensation does not require you to prove negligence or liability for the accident. Hopefully, your employer will complete your application correctly, but you will not get all the benefits that you’re entitled to if you don’t ask for them. You can not additionally file a third-party lawsuit against your employer or coworker for negligence. Workers’ compensation helps employees who are injured to recuperate and return to work.

Third-party Lawsuit

If you were catastrophically injured on the job or your loved one died on a job site, our lawyer can help you recover the compensation you deserve from the parties who caused the accident. On-the-job accidents may involve several parties and result from several different causes. Our attorney can investigate your case, interview witnesses, and look at evidence such as footage from a surveillance camera.If the accident was caused by a third-party who was not an employee of your company , but was employed by another company doing work for your company, there may be a negligence action to file against the other company and its employee.

Cox, Koltak, and Gibson, LLP

Contact our workplace accident attorney for a free initial consultation in our conveniently located Columbus, Ohio, office. Our lawyer advocates are members of Lighting the Way for the Rights of Injured Workers. Our attorney can preserve and fight for your rights if you are injured while working or traveling to and from work for your employer. You’ll pay no fee until we recover compensation on your behalf.