Why call Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if your Workers’ Comp claim is denied in Licking County, Ohio?

If a workers’ compensation claim is denied in Licking County, then there is something the applicant can do. The best course of action is to contact an experienced law firm like Cox, Koltak and Gibson to appeal the denial. Here is why it is important to call Cox, Koltak and Gibson after a workers’ comp claim is denied in Licking County, Ohio.

Years of Ohio Experience

One of the first reasons to contact Cox, Koltak and Gibson when a workers’ compensation claim in denied in Licking County is because the firm has decades of experience. Some of the attorneys have been working in the area of workers’ compensation in Ohio for more than 25 years. This experience is important because each attorney knows how the law works and is aware of the changes that have occurred over the years. This leads to a better chance of finally winning the claim.

Personal Attention with Every Case

No two workers’ compensation cases are the same. The injuries, employers and circumstances are always different. Hiring Cox, Koltak and Gibson in Licking County, Ohio means that every client gets personal attention. The attorneys will look at and research every small detail of the case to find out why the claim was denied. They can then use that knowledge to build an effective appeal for benefits.

Understand All Available Options

Something that can be hard for anyone who needs workers’ compensation in Licking County, Ohio is navigating the system. The attorneys at Cox, Koltak and Gibson will ensure that every client understands what is happening and what options are available. This can make a large difference when it comes to handling an appeal and even eventually going to court if needed.

Appealing a Claim Can Be Complex

The process required to appeal a workers’ compensation claim in Licking County, Ohio is complex. Several steps need to be completed in sequence before there is any hope of the denial being overturned. Having Cox, Koltak and Gibson as legal representation means there will be no issues with the process, paperwork or other technical factors. This allows the claim and appeal to move forward quickly and without problems.

Going to Court Might Be Necessary

A final reason to call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if a workers’ comp claim is denied in Licking, Ohio is that going to court could be necessary. If all else fails, then the attorneys can attempt to litigate in court to win benefits for the client. This requires extensive legal experience and knowledge of the law that the attorneys have.