Why hire a workers’ Comp attorney if you are only going to be off work hurt for a few weeks?

Why hire a workers’ Comp attorney if you are only going to be off work hurt for a few weeks?

Many workplace injuries happen and are not contested by an employer, usually resulting in the injured employee being properly allowed workers compensation benefits quickly. But, these can also be circumstances when the claimant is unaware that the employer is looking for a reason to terminate their employment. This happens more often than many workers realize, as any employer can make an “at will” claim about an employee regarding any other aspect of employment after they have returned to work. There is actually any number of problems that could occur without legal counsel involving short-term injuries, and being prepared for resistance from any employer is always the best decision.

Recurring Injuries

Many times injuries occur at work just to happen again at a later date. While it may be a fact that an employee was on short-term leave for the injury before, it can still be a situation where the employer can claim no responsibility for a prior injury after an initial claim has closed. This can present trouble when the injury appears to be healed, but actually only rehabilitated to a point where the employee can return to work. Having an attorney from the beginning establishes completely that the medical issue may not be totally repaired and that damages may be retroactive to the beginning of the injury at work. Certain injuries like back or neck injuries are particularly susceptible to this problem, and it is very important to have legal documentation in place when the injury worsens. Details can matter in any workplace injury claim, and a thorough investigation can be conducted in the favor of the injured worker.

Just because an employer is amiable when an on-the-job injury occurs does not mean they will not concoct a plan to stop benefits after they have already begun. It is always the best decision to consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney immediately following a workplace injury and let them investigate the case for full financial compensation.

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