What are the most common construction site injuries in Ohio that employees file workers’ compensations claims on?

Make no mistake! Those who work in the construction industry are involved in dangerous work. In fact, there are more fatal injuries in this industry than any other private sector within the United States. Nevertheless, workers can prevent these injuries with awareness of the most common injuries, and it helps a person to know when they can file workers’ compensation.

The first most common injury at a construction site is burning and scarring. Because construction sites have a higher likelihood leaking pipes, exposed wiring and dangerous chemicals, there is an increased chance of fires. Improper handling can endanger the lives of workers. Head injuries are a second common claim for workers’ compensation. When working at a construction site, people will often suffer injuries because of falling tools, objects or materials. It is especially frequent for workers who have been digging and building the facility from the ground up. A head injury may include a concussion, laceration on the head or a traumatic brain injury. Construction workers can help to prevent these injuries with the use of hard hats.

An injured spinal cord is the third most common injury at a construction site. People will often encounter this injury because of a fall from a ladder or scaffolding, and if an individual suffers a spinal cord injury, it can lead to a lifelong disability such as brain damage and partial or complete paralysis. Because of poor maintenance, a defective tool or improperly secured machinery, construction workers also have to watch out for cuts and lacerations on the job. They might receive a small cut and not think much about it. However, this can lead to severe infections when not treated correctly. Workers can prevent this with the right protective gear and clothing. Wearing them at all times will mean less chances of injury.

Whenever individuals use heavy machinery, there is a real threat for crushed and fractured bones. For example, when using the crane, bulldozer or other equipment, workers should check that the equipment has been secured. In addition, workers should never play with the equipment because this could crush or hurt the surrounding construction workers and leave them with severe injuries. Sometimes individuals will have to fight for workers’ compensation after an injury. When an injury takes place, it can help to have an attorney who concentrates in workers’ compensation because they will understand the rules and regulations better than a general attorney.