Columbus Workers Compensation Lawyers Explain Why You Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you have sustained an injury in your workplace, the Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP can help you secure the benefits that may be available to you. Ohio workers compensation laws are very complex, and you will want a concerned, experienced Columbus workers compensation attorney looking out for your best interests.

People who have sustained relatively minor injuries or who did not miss much work may not need legal representation for an Ohio workers’ comp claim. However, you will want to work with a Columbus workers compensation lawyer if you have sustained more serious injuries for two very important reasons:

Experience with required paperwork and knowledge of deadlines — To file a successful claim for workers compensation benefits, you will need to make sure the proper medical bills have been filed with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) in time. You will also be required to provide copies of other documents that you signed. The Columbus workers compensation attorneys at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP will work with your doctor and help you gather the information you need to successfully file your claim.

The other side wants to minimize your claim — Both your employer and the BWC will have representatives involved in the legal process. Your employer wants to keep the amount of your benefits low to keep its premiums low as well. The BWC also has an interest in denying workers compensation claims for any technical reasons, as it needs to save as much money as possible. If these parties have attorneys representing them at hearings, you should have a Columbus workers compensation lawyer representing you.

Types of Workplace Injuries for Which You Will Want a Workers Comp Attorney

You have the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits if you have sustained an injury at work, but you will not want to rely on your employer or the BWC to explain your rights to you. You should strongly consider working with the Columbus workers compensation attorneys at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if your case involves any of the following:

  • A dispute with a decision made by your employer or the BWC regarding your claim
  • Denial of medical benefits
  • Inability to work on a regular basis at your current job or any job
  • Significant pre-existing disabilities
  • Workplace injuries severe enough to require surgery
  • Your employer disputes a decision made by the BWC
  • Your health not returning to the condition it was prior to your injury

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You deserve all of the benefits that you are entitled to after being hurt on the job, and the Columbus workers’ compensation attorneys at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP put the needs of their clients first. Our Columbus workers’ compensation lawyers can help you filly understand all of your options when you contact our Ohio workers’ compensation firm to take advantage of free initial consultation.

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