Personal Injury

Thorough Representation With Diligent Investigation

Accidents happen regularly that produce injury to individuals who are largely not responsible for being injured. Most injuries that are not work-related involve either premises liability laws or are the result of an auto accident.

Regardless of the type of personal injury case that is present, the negligent are all defended strongly by their insurance providers, meaning it is always necessary to have an experienced and effective Ohio accident attorney like the legal pros at Cox, Koltak, and Gibson evaluating the case.

Providing an Injury Claim

Both auto accidents and premises liability injury cases have the same standard of proof if a case goes to court. The plaintiff attorney must prove that an injury occurred to their client and that the injury was due to the negligence of the respondent party.

The determination of negligence is based on a responsible duty of care that the defendant failed to provide, resulting in an accident causing the injury. Auto accidents are evaluated according to the comparative negligence rules which will assess the driving actions of all involved parties and be supported by an official accident report.

Premises liability injuries can be more challenging because the determination of person causation for the plaintiff is based on reasonable assumption of personal risk based on their actions leading to the injury.

The initial steps to establishing standing for a personal injury claim is a vital part of the compensation process, and it always requires expertise from personal injury attorneys with a strong understanding of how the case my be defended.

Comprehensive Representation

The personal injury attorneys at Cox, Koltak, & Gibson are dedicated to the concept of thorough representation, which included diligently investigating an accident and locating all potential negligent parties.

This is especially important in serious cases like a truck collision or accidents that have no apparent cause or assignment of responsibility. Evidence can be found partially anywhere when investigating a personal injury claim, and central to a successful result is proving responsibility among all potential respondents who can be perused for damages, including defective auto parts claims.

Going to Trial

While many personal injury claims are settled out of court when material case facts make the claim obvious, there are still cases that will be taken to court by either litigant. Defense attorneys are hoping for a case dismissal or a significant assignment of personal negligence to the claimant, which is very important in Ohio accident cases.

Plaintiff attorneys who take a case to trial are normally requesting punitive damages from a sympathetic jury when cases are serious and have an element of gross negligence.

Regardless of who chooses to take a claim to trial, having an experienced trial attorney is essential for a positive case outcome.

Never assume an attorney cannot help in maximizing a personal injury claim settlement. Anyone in Ohio who may have a potential injury claim should call the legal professionals at Cox, Koltak, & Gibson because the CKG legal team is focused on full compensation for all clients.

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