High Risk Occupations

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The Columbus workers compensation lawyers at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP understand that catastrophic injuries do not discriminate, but certain work environments are especially hazardous. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that there were nearly 3 million private industry nonfatal injuries in 2011, and more than half of these cases were of a more serious nature that involved days away from work, job transfer or restriction.

Dangerous Jobs for Ohio Workers

Some of the riskiest occupations with the highest rates of injuries include:

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing — Long hours, exposure to hazardous chemicals and working with heavy machinery or equipment are a few of the many risks for employees in this sector, which also includes farming and logging jobs.
  • Aviation — Pilots, flight engineers and other airport or airline employees may sustain injuries in accidents involving baggage handling, cargo loading, fueling procedures or slip and fall incidents.
  • Construction — Potential dangers abound on every job site for construction workers, and many individuals sustain serious injuries in falls from heights or ladder and scaffolding accidents. Our Columbus workers compensation attorneys also represent employees who suffer devastating injuries resulting from fires, explosions and accidents involving large vehicles, power tools and heavy equipment or machinery.
  • Factory and warehouse — These workers can sustain injuries in accidents that involve conveyor belts, assembly lines, machine presses, forklifts and stacking collapses.
  • Industrial and manufacturing — Floor workers, maintenance engineers, pipe fitters and press operators risk severe injuries such as amputations or nerve damage by working with dangerous equipment like drill presses, saws and other heavy machinery. They also perform their duties in hazardous settings that place them at risk of chemical burns, toxic inhalation or electrocution.
  • Mining — Some of the dangers inherent to this industry include collapses, fires, explosions and exposure to dangerous gases.
  • Municipal — Police officers, firefighters, emergency responders, highway workers and other public employees face risks involving car or truck accidents, training injuries, assaults and contact with toxic chemicals or infected blood.
  • Sanitation — In addition to exposure to lethal chemicals or gases, these employees also work with dangerous machinery and can be involved in large truck accidents.
  • Trade workers — Carpenters, welders, iron workers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC specialists and window washers face a variety of risks in regards to the equipment they work with and the settings they work in.
  • Transportation — Commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers and any other profession involving an individual being on the road carries the risk of being in an accident.

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If you or a loved one have sustained an injury in a high-risk occupation that will involve time away from work, an experienced Columbus workers compensation attorney can help you secure the benefits you need while you are recovering. Ohio workers compensation laws are extremely complicated, and the Columbus workers compensation lawyers at Cox, Koltak & Gibson help injured workers from various industries secure workers compensation benefits after being hurt on the job. Contact our Ohio workers compensation firm to schedule a free initial consultation with our Columbus workers compensation attorneys if you sustained injuries at work.

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