Should I hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

A disability claim can be denied for any number of reasons. It is possible to appeal and ask for a reconsideration of the initial denial. Most individuals who have been denied will want to hire an to help assemble and make the appeal for reconsideration. A lawyer will help the appeal in a number of ways. We Offer free consultations, and we get no fee until you win your case call now (614)221-7381

Records and Documentation

The may have originally denied the claim because the medical records and other documents were not sufficient to prove a disability. An experienced lawyer will know exactly what records and documents are necessary to construct a firm foundation. The attorney will make certain the records are complete and free from unexplained gaps. The attorney will also take the time to gather accurate medical opinions from doctors performing treatment for the medical issue if necessary.

Preparation for Questioning

A lawyer can help to prepare a person for questioning by the administrative law judge. Many people who are dealing with a disability have little knowledge of the law and are not prepared to answer the types of questions presented by a judge assessing the case. Lawyers with experience in disability cases can prepare a person to present medical and personal facts in a way that makes sense to the judge. This type of preparation also helps to make a person with a disability more relaxed during the hearing since it relieves stress attached to the questioning.

Cross Examinations

Anyone who does not have an attorney is unlikely to present a compelling case when cross-examining the vocational and/or medical experts giving testimony at the hearing. An attorney can to listen to the testimony of vocational and/or medical experts and then ask effective questions that directly address some of the issues in question. The lawyer can combine both a legal and medical perspective in order to make a strong case for consideration by the Administrative Law Judge.

Time and Resources

A person who is going through the Social Security disability process is normally suffering from medical or other conditions that make performing everyday tasks difficult. This makes it hard to gather the information necessary to present the best case for an award of disability. The attorney can make sure Exhibit evidence filed is in an organized manner for consideration by the Administrative Law Judge.

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