Why hire Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP as your workers’ comp lawyer in Circleville, Ohio?

Many workers in Circleville are injured on the job every year. Some of those people are entitled to make workers’ compensation claims to help with bils and lost income. The process is so complex that a lawyer is often necessary. Here is why hiring Cox, Koltak and Gibson, LLP in Circleville, OH is the right choice for anyone filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Benefit From Experience

A good reason to hire Cox, Koltak and Gibson is that clients will benefit from the experience of these lawyers. Each lawyer in the firm has decades of experience dealing with workers’ compensation cases in Ohio. They have been representing injured people from Circleville for a long time. This experience allows the attorneys to avoid common mistakes, build effective claims and use the law to the advantage of the client.

Prove Injuries

The injuries someone sustains in the workplace are almost always contested when making a workers’ compensation claim. Employers will try hard to minimize the injuries or make it look like nothing is wrong. Cox, Koltak and Gibson know what it takes to prove injuries. The firm will go beyond just presenting a medical report. The lawyers will bring in experts and frame the injuries in the proper legal context. This is incredibly important especially when a workplace accident has resulted in a permanent disability.

Seek Full and Fair Compensation and Benefits

People filing a workers’ compensation claim often have to prove damages in order to receive benefits. If injured people are not careful, then the compensation and benefits awarded could be far below what is deserved. The lawyers at Cox, Koltak and Gibson will seek full and fair compensation and benefits for clients in Circleville, Ohio. This means including all damages for the past, present and future. The attorneys could end up winning compensation for lost income and other potential damages.

Shield Clients from Retaliation by Employers

A workers’ compensation claim can make things very unpleasant for an employer. This is why some employers attempt to retaliate against the person filing the claim. The retaliation could be intended to make life miserable for the person. It might be designed to force the person to drop the claim. Cox, Koltak and Gibson understand what can happen. The attorneys will work hard to shield clients from any retaliation by employers.

Help With Deadlines and Paperwork

A critical part of any workers’ compensation claim is filling out paperwork correctly and filing everything on time. This can be difficult if someone is recovering from an injury or does not understand legal jargon. The lawyers at Cox, Koltak and Gibson in Circleville, Ohio will provide extensive help with deadlines and paperwork to make certain the claim moves ahead as intended.