Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marion, Ohio

Why hire Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Marion, Ohio?

You’re injured on the job, but your employer and the insurance company are agreeable about medical payment. Should you hire a workers’ comp attorney anyway, just to make sure you are getting a fair settlement? The answer in most cases is yes. On-the-job injury cases often have some complications that are best judged by a lawyer who is experienced in the field.

Whether and how soon you should hire a workers’ comp attorney mainly hinges on the complexity of your on-the-job injury and case. Get ready to make that call if any of these occur:

* Your injury is severe enough to keep you from returning to work for a long
time or at all. A severe injury can lead to permanent disability and lost wages.
It can also mean entitlement to weekly payments for a lifetime. This is not
something that employers generally want to pay.
* Your injury claim is denied by your employer. This happens routinely, and
most workers do not know how to appeal a denial.
* Your settlement money is not enough to cover your medical bills or make
up for the wages you have lost.

What will a workers’ comp lawyer do to make sure you are properly paid for your
injuries? Most on-the-job injury cases are denied because of insufficient medical evidence. Your workers’ comp lawyer will gather evidence, such as medical records and reports from medical personnel. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will
explain why you should receive benefits and will “plead your case.” Sometimes this involves dealing with an employer who has retaliated against a worker for filing a claim against the company.

For most all on-the-job injuries, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer gives you the best, and sometimes the only, chance of getting just compensation for your disability,
lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you live in the Marion, Ohio, area and have been injured at work, call Cox, Koltak & Gibson for a free consultation. We are an experienced workers’ compensation law firm that is dedicated to making sure you receive just treatment and fair payment. Call us today because we can help.

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