What to look for why when hiring a work injury attorney if you have been injured while working in a big box store in Columbus, Ohio?

For those who have suffered an injury while in a big box store, they are advised to seek legal counsel. However, not all lawyers have the same qualifications and abilities. Below are some of the factors that come into play when hiring an attorney.


Each attorney will have a different specialty. Some lawyers may specialize in family law while others may focus on criminal defense. Here, the best attorney for this case is one who has a specialty in personal injury law. There are certain nuances to this area of litigation that not all lawyers may know. In addition, within that specialty, some lawyers may have different subspecialties such as slip-and-fall cases. In addition, a big box store will likely have high-powered legal counsel on the case. A lawyer that has an established track record in going up against large corporations may be the best attorney for the case. The larger the case, the more experience a lawyer would need to successfully handle it.

Manner and Connection

A client must pay attention to how a lawyer will interact with them over the course of a legal matter. A lawyer is a counselor and an adviser so it is essential that an attorney is able to properly relate to the client. Some clients simply do not click with their attorneys, and it is best to get a sense of that before hiring them. Part of this includes a lawyer’s level of responsiveness to a client’s needs. This includes the prompt return of phone calls, email and other forms of communication. In addition, it is preferable to hire a lawyer with superior communication skills so they are able to properly explain legal options and the developments in the case. This is something that can be assessed by interviewing the lawyer before they are retained.


In the legal business, a lawyer is what their reputation says they are. Before hiring a lawyer, it is vital to make inquiries into their reputation. This can be done by talking to their colleagues or by reading reviews that are available in the public domain. These can give a sense if the lawyer will both skilled and responsive. It is best that a client knows ahead of time exactly what lawyer they are hiring.

Costs and Fees

Different lawyers handle fees and expenses in varying manners in a personal injury case. Most lawyers will work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not get paid unless the case is won or a settlement is reached. In that event, they will receive a percentage of the award or recovery. It is vital to confirm exactly how a lawyer will receive payment for their services and know the exact costs of representation. Lawyers may take varying percentages of the recovery or account for expenses incurred during the course of the representation differently. The fee arrangement is something that should be closely scrutinized before retaining the attorney.

Hiring an attorney is a vital decision. By doing the right homework, those in need of legal counsel can get the decision right.

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