How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio?

The short answer to this question is that the state of Ohio sets two years as the statute of limitations to file a workers compensation claim for injuries that occurred at work. However, there can still be questions about when the time count actually begins involving workplace injuries where cumulative trauma or occupational diseases are involved. Some injuries are recognized immediately as being serious enough to warrant the worker being off from work with compensation benefits until the injury is as close to fully rehabilitated as possible. The problems with cases usually arise when the worker changes jobs without claiming the injury or the seriousness of the injury is not recognized until much later. The two year limitation is established in order to give finality to filing these BWC claims in Ohio.

Employer Delays

There are also cases when the employer does not file or refuses to file the claim with Ohio bureau of Worker’s Compensation even after the injured worker has notified them of the injury. It is important to have some form of documentation that indicates the injury was reported, along with documentation that medical treatment was received. This is vital information, especially if the employer denies the claim completely and the injury case finds it way to a administrative hearing.

How an Ohio BWC Attorney Can Help

The important thing to remember when an employer is attempting to deflect a claim is that an Ohio workers’ compensation attorney can file the claim on your behalf with the state agency in order to at least secure a working workers’ comp claim number. BWC claimants in Ohio are all issued a claim number that the Bureau uses to investigate material case factors and issue a ruling.
Call a BWC Attorney ASAP

Bad faith employers cannot restrict employees from filing BWC claims in Ohio. It is important to call a worker’s comp attorney who is licensed in the state and understands how employers attempt to deny claims based on failure to file within the two year limit. All employees who suffer workplace injuries are entitled to file a claim, and having an aggressive workplace rights attorney can ensure that all of your rights to financial recovery are enforced.

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