What were the top 10 work injuries in Ohio in 2016?

What were the top 10 work injuries in Ohio in 2016?

On a regular basis, work injuries occur on the job. In many cases, many of these injuries can be avoided if the worker wears the appropriate safety gear or is cautious while moving around the work site. In other cases, many of these injuries are unavoidable and can cause serious harm to the worker. Here were ten of the most common work injuries in 2016:

1. When a person overextends: Over extension injuries are the most common ones throughout the country. This occurs when a worker tries to grab something that is out of his or her reach. This injury can lead to muscle or back strains.

2. Falls on the ground: Slips or trips. This Ohio work injury is also very common and occurs with a person falls on the same level. This includes if a person is walking and trips over some office equipment or machinery. This can cause a plethora of injuries ranging from muscle strains to broken bones.

3. Falling Down to the Ground: This particular type of fall involves an individual falling from a higher level to a lower one. This Ohio work injury can lead to broken bones, concussions and in rare cases, death.

4. Reaction Injuries: This is when you slip or trip but do not fall to the ground. This type of injury, although usually not as drastic as others, can lead to muscle strains, swelling and even back pain.

5. Falling objects in the workplace: Suppose a box falls from a higher level onto your head or back. This type of injury can lead to brain damage, bruising or broken bones.

6. Walking into something immobile: Perhaps a person is turning around a corner too fast and runs right into a door or a piece of machinery. This can lead to a myriad of injuries, including broken bones, muscle swelling, or a twisted ankle.

7. Car/Moving vehicle accidents: These particular injuries can affect those who drive a car or moving vehicle for a living. A car accident on the job can lead to broken bones, head or organ injuries and even death.

8. Machine accidents: Perhaps a person is not wearing the proper safety gear and his or her hair gets stuck in a machine. Or maybe someone is not paying attention and accidentally cuts a finger or arm. When this occurs, an individual can lose a limb, develop bruising or even a broken bone.

9. Accidents due to repetitive actions: Every year thousands of people develop carpel tunnel or other injuries that involve repetitive actions. This can cause a myriad of pain injuries within the joints and muscles of the arms or legs.

10. Violence in the work place: This can develop because of a workplace dispute or even a random act from a stranger. Workplace injuries can fluctuate depending on the severity of the crime.

While at work, workers must remember to stay focused and wear the appropriate safety equipment on the job. If someone notices a safety violation, then he or she should contact the Human Resources department who should address the problem immediately.

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