What are the top ten careers in Ohio that work injuries would most likely happen?

Some workers in Ohio are more likely to be injured on the job than others. Working in an office or store is one of the lowest risk occupations. However, there are jobs like firefighting and police work that require people to face dangerous situations. Review the top ten careers that lead to the highest number of work injuries.

1. Firefighters

Firefighters have the most dangerous career in Ohio and the U.S. They are forced to run into burning buildings while carrying heavy equipment. They risk burns and exposure to various toxins, including smoke and radioactive materials, that lead to the development of serious diseases.

2. Police Officers

Police officers face the daily threats of being murdered or attacked by suspects. Many become injured trying to chase and apprehend dangerous people. They are trained to face every dangerous situation that most people avoid.

3. Manufacturers

Manufacturers are frequently injured by the machines they work with every day. They are exposed to acidic chemicals that could burn their skin or make them sick if inhaled. They use dangerous heavy machinery and climb to heights that cause life-threatening falls.

4. Farmers

Farmers work with dangerous equipment like tractors, trucks and conveyor belts. Improper use of this equipment could result in amputations or death. They also ride horses from which they could fall off and suffer life-threatening injuries.

5. Construction Workers

Construction workers are often in the news because of their accidents. They construct high-rise buildings that require them to work hundreds of feet in the air. They work with heavy-duty construction machinery that include cranes and bulldozers.

6. Miners

Miners look for coal, metals and sedimentary rocks in the Earth’s surface. They face the threats of being trapped underground and dying in explosions. They are exposed to toxins that cause respiratory diseases.

7. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers drive large vehicles that cause deadly road accidents. In addition, tank truck drivers carry gases and liquids that are highly explosive. They have to drive for long hours, which leads to fatigue and sleep deprivation.

8. Nurses

Nurses are exposed to various dangers in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. They constantly work with sick individuals who carry infectious diseases. The second biggest injury comes from having to lift heavy patients out of bed.

9. Loggers

Loggers have the dangerous task of cutting down large trees. They have to avoid injury from falling debris and tree branches. To cut the trees, they use dangerous sawing equipment that cause amputations.

10. Athletes

Athletes are constantly moving in ways that cause injury. They often deal with broken bones, muscle strains and head concussions. Many have to undergo regular physicals and wear protective gear.

In Ohio, some jobs cause the worst injuries and even deaths. Dangerous jobs are worth the dangers for people willing to take them. Fortunately, these workers are protected by modern safety equipment and workers’ compensation programs.

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