Why call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if you have been injured while working in a factory in Mount Vernon, Ohio?

Many Ohio residents work in factories located Mount Vernon. Such factories are dedicated to manufacturing, including the manufacturing of plastics, automotive parts, or industrial equipment.

Unfortunately, factory workers are more prone to injury than workers who sit at a desk all day. For example, a factory worker can strain his back when lifting heavy items, which may be required by the job. A factory worker may inhale hazardous substances used in manufacturing or cleaning the factory and suffer permanent damage to her lungs, kidneys or other organs. With fast-moving machinery, a worker can lose a finger in the manufacturing process. Workers can fall from ladders and break bones. Sometimes workers who repeat the same physical motions all day can suffer from repetitive stress injuries.

If you are an employee in a factory and have been injured during the course and scope of your employment, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits, which cover the wages that you were unable to earn while injured. Workers compensation benefits also cover the cost of your medical bills. You may also be able to recover benefits for a permanent partial disability.

Employers and workers compensation companies do not pay those benefits easily or promptly. Because you may not get the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled if you try to pursue the claim on your own, you should hire an experienced workers compensation attorney.

Cox, Koltak and Gibson is a workers compensation law firm that can help you get the workers compensation benefits you are due after a factory injury in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The attorneys at Cox, Koltak and Gibson have decades of experience handling workers compensation cases. They understand Ohio courts and are familiar with the judges that preside over those courts. At Cox, Koltak and Gibson, you will receive the same professionalism and proficiency as you would from an attorney from a big firm in a larger city. Moreover, you will receive the individualized attention and patience that attorneys can provide in smaller firms. For example, our attorneys personally return phone calls the same day, rather than having a paralegal return your call or calling back days later.

When you first call Cox, Koltak and Gibson, we will schedule a time to meet with you face-to-face to evaluate your case. We will then gather together the medical records and other evidence needed to prove your workers compensation claim. Next, we will file your claim and work with opposing counsel for the insurance companies to do our best to get you the maximum benefits that you are entitled to by law.

Why risk getting less than the full amount of benefits you deserve? Call Cox, Koltak and Gibson today to find out how we can help with your workers compensation claim.

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