Why call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if you were injured while working in a big box store in Columbus, Ohio?

Many work injuries occur in big box stores in Columbus, Ohio each year. Our attorneys, Cox, Koltak and Gibson, handle these types of cases and additional kinds or personal injury cases daily. Unfortunately, individuals are hurt daily while working in big box stores in Ohio.

At Cox, Koltak and Gibson’s law firm, each attorney is completely dedicated to fighting for each client’s rights; people who have been injured at work, are suffering, and are enduring losses through no fault of their own.

Our attorneys are aggressive, yet considerate and empathetic who wish to protect the rights of Ohio residents who are struggling because of a work injury.

Lawyers Maximize Client’s Monetary Awards

A serious injury in the workplace can change a person’s life drastically. Besides the physical and emotional ramifications, there could be expenses that the injured cannot pay for. Worker’s Compensation checks might help a little, but they are nowhere near what an individual is used to getting from his or her job.

Another reason why clients call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if they are injured while working in a big box store in Columbus, Ohio is because our law firm is a nationwide recognized personal injury legal firm.

Many times, there are complications with insurance agencies, as well as employers, when the Worker’s Compensation claims have been filed. That situation underscores the worth of a knowledgeable lawyer who can assist with maximizing an injured party’s benefits/awards.

Many times, the work injury can lead to permanent or temporary disabilities. We deal with those types of cases daily as well.

A few personal injury cases our attorneys have handles are:

• Hearing loss/impairment
• Burns or other injuries from electrical shocks
• Fractured bones
• Chemical burns – skin burns or other disorders
• Serious lung complications
• Back injuries
• Hernias
• Slips and falls
• Damages from falling items
• Eye injuries
And more…

At times, severe medical conditions or problems are directly connected to inadequately serviced machinery, failures of equipment, and errors made by other employees or consumers.

The nationwide illness/injury ratio was at its highest level for big box stores with 50-249 employees.

Why many people call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if they were injured while working in a big box store in Columbus, Ohio, too, is because our attorneys evaluate each case with care, guaranteeing that each negligent party – not only the company – are held responsible for the injury – for what they did when it occurred or what they did not do.

Injured While Working in a Big Box Store in Columbus, Ohio?

If an individual has suffered a work-related injury, he or she should be eligible for Worker’s Compensation benefits (paychecks and medical expense help). Cox, Koltak and Gibson have helped individuals and their families by providing comprehensive legal guidance when they need an attorney most.

Our legal team is extensively knowledgeable in Worker’s Compensation laws and work diligently to protect the rights of each injured party. Our team of attorneys will help each client understand his or he rights and requirements (under the law), and we provide free consultations.

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