Why call Cox, Koltak and Gibson if you were injured while working on a commercial construction site in Columbus, Ohio?

The construction industry is well-recognized for experiencing a significant number of workplace injuries each year, and especially in Ohio were construction projects are numerous. Residential and commercial projects are under constant construction utilizing every craft when building is happening. Not only are carpenters and laborers affected, but electricians, bricklayers, roofers, and equipment operators are also among those who can easily be the victim of workplace injuries. Many job sites are in remote locations, and not all contractors will implement adequate safety measures when they think it will save money in the long run. The result is that many construction workers are injured under a variety of conditions that could even result in additional legal action beyond the typical worker’s compensation claim when employers are guilty of safety violations. This is why it is vital to have an experienced attorney like Cox, Koltak & Gibson representing the case who focus their practice on worker’s compensation claims.

Why You Need an Attorney

All employers in Ohio are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance on their employees. There is an exception for company owners and ministers, but all construction workers will typically file claims with the Ohio Board of Workers Compensation. Cases are approved or denied by the BWC, and denials can happen more often than workers realize when claims can be questioned. An example is back injury claims that are common in the construction industry, and many times they do not manifest until well after the incident that created the damage. Some workers think an injury is merely soreness from extensive manual labor, but this is not always the case. Pain typically denotes more than mere soreness from being overworked. Employers can be reluctant to file these types of claims, and it can often take legal representation to get an employer to act according to the worker’s comp law. In addition, claims that are begun can also be stopped for a variety of reasons, which will usually require a worker’s compensation attorney to investigate the cessation of benefits.

Benefit Allowances

Worker’s compensation claims are designed to provide immediate treatment for injuries and financial coverage for medical bills resulting from a construction workplace mishap. Replacement wages are also part of the benefit package, paid at a 2/3 percentage based on the rate of pay for the worker. Claims that have no extenuating circumstances such as OSHA violations or unsafe working conditions prevent the injured worker from pursuing general damages for long-term suffering. However, many times the insurer will want to pay the worker a lump sum when they are disabled or will not be able to return to work, and cases that involve workplace violations could result in a standard personal injury lawsuit when negligence can be proven by the worker’s compensation attorney.

Call Cox, Koltak & Gibson

It is never a good decision to accept the word and compliance of an employer when being injured on a construction site. There are multiple situations where an experienced worker’s compensation attorney can help maximize a claim for an injury that will assuredly present problems in the future. In Ohio, the worker’s compensation injury attorney to call is Cox, Koltak & Gibson.

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