Hurt on the Job?

Our Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You File a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have suffered an injury on the job, you probably realized how complex Ohio workers compensation laws are and the difficulties involved in securing the benefits you need. Most workers are not aware of all the benefits to which they are entitled and they often miss a number of benefits when they try to file their own workers’ compensation claim. However, Columbus workers compensation lawyers from Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP are here to make sure that this does not happen to you. Our attorneys believe in personal service from beginning to end. Starting with your very first consultation, you will meet with a partner from the firm and that partner will be working on your case until it is complete. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us from the start so that they can ask any questions they might have about their claim. If you need an experienced attorney to help you through every step of your workers’ compensation claim, contact a Columbus workers compensation attorney today.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

In a nutshell, workers’ compensation is insurance that provides benefits to workers injured on the job. Your employer takes out workers’ comp insurance to cover the costs of an employee’s injuries. These laws are meant to protect both the employer and the employee by making sure that clients receive full compensation for their injuries.

Did you know that many workers are eligible for more benefits than they get? Why? Because the employee did not know to ask for it. Workers’ comp law is complex and, if you do not know what you are eligible for, you may miss compensation you deserve. Keep in mind, also, that Ohio is a no-fault insurance state; this means that if you suffer an injury on the job, regardless of who was at fault, you should receive compensation. Sound easy? Unfortunately, it is not since numerous factors can complicate this process. For instance, if you are a contractor rather than a general employee (which is common in dangerous industries such as construction), you may not be entitled to the same workers’ comp benefits as an injured employee. An attorney can help you determine, from a legal standpoint, whether you are an employer or a contractor; do not just look at your employment papers and assume your eligibility.

The legal professionals at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP have years of experience filing workers’ compensation claims, and we know how to handle the various hurdles you are likely to encounter. Let our attorneys make sure that your compensation.

Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Injured workers in any profession can potentially seek workers’ compensation benefits. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Hip, back, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Common in warehouses and assembly lines, which involve a lot of heavy lifting
  • Construction accident injuries
  • Long-term injuries such as carpal tunnel, lower back and neck problems, and mesothelioma from asbestos exposure

It is important to note that, if you suffer an injury on the job and your employer subscribes to workers’ compensation insurance, you cannot technically file a personal injury lawsuit (in almost all cases). You must go through workers’ compensation if you are to receive the benefits you need.

Some workers’ compensation claims involve actions taken against third parties. For instance, if you are in a traffic accident while driving a company vehicle, you would likely have a worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver. On the other hand, if you were involved in a scaffolding collapse at a construction site, you would probably have a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury suit against the scaffolding’s manufacturer.

Let Columbus Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Ed Cox Help You

Our law firm thrives in working with complex workers’ compensation laws. Injured workers need the help of a legal professional to receive the compensation they deserve. You need an attorney who is going to give your case the attention it needs so that you receive all the benefits you deserve. Do not let your claim become just another number.