Need Help Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Our Columbus Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Are Here For You

At Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP, our lawyers understand that seeking fair compensation after a work injury can be an overwhelming task. We are here to help you secure the benefits that you deserve. Our attorneys do everything they can to help our clients, and your needs always come first. When you meet with our firm, you meet with a partner on your first consultation, and that partner sticks with your case from beginning to end. At Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP, we treat you like a person instead of a case number, and we will do whatever it takes to help you recover from your injuries. If you have been in an on the job accident and need help seeking benefits, contact a Columbus workers compensation attorney from our firm today for a free consultation.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are literally dozens of categories of benefits that you may be eligible to receive after suffering an injury on the job. In general, these benefits fall in one or more of these broad categories:

  • Medical benefits (including medical treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or whatever other treatment your doctor prescribes)
  • Temporary total disability: compensation for an injured worker’s lost wages while recovering from an injury
  • Permanent partial disability: compensation for a permanent disability that partially impedes a injured worker’s ability to work
  • Permanent total disability: compensation for a permanent disability that completely prevents a injured worker’s from performing work
  • Wage loss: compensation for an injury that forces an injured worker to work at a reduced wage compared to his or her previous employment
  • Violation of specific safety requirement: compensation awarded if the injured worker’s employer committed a specific safety violation which lead to the worker’s injury

Why You Need Help From an Experienced Lawyer

As you might imagine, workers’ compensation law is a complex web of rules, regulations, and subtleties. Being eligible for a particular benefit does not necessarily mean you will receive it if you do not file your claim correctly. Case managers at the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Bureau do not go out of their way to help you file your claim, and if you go into this unrepresented, you may find your benefits delayed or missed entirely.

Thankfully, the experienced lawyers at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP can help you identify all the benefits for which you are eligible, and we will ensure that your claim is comprehensive. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience with workers’ compensation cases, and we are intimately familiar with Columbus workers compensation law. We will help you seek the medical treatment you need and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve through a robust workers’ compensation claim. If you have suffered an injury on the job, contact a Columbus workers compensation attorney from Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP today.