Why hire Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if you need a BWC attorney in Ohio?

Why hire Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if you need a BWC attorney in Ohio?

Workers compensation in Ohio can be a very complicated and often limited option situation for many injured workers. When an injury occurs on duty resulting from job responsibilities that are obvious workers compensation claim situations, the system usually works well when employers do not want to contest the claim. However, this does not mean that the injured worker cannot file a claim without the employer agreement. But, it does mean that the case will be more than likely contested before the Ohio BWC insurance company rules on the validity of the claim. Even when employers do not agree with the filing, the final approval is still issued by the Ohio BWC based on the material case factors. And, many times contested cases will require the injured worker to be represented by an experienced legal team like the workers compensation attorneys in Ohio at Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP in Columbus.

Never Handle Your Case Personally

Ohio BWC is not obligated to inform an injured worker exactly what benefits they may be eligible to receive. Each benifit normally requires a specific application process for the identified benefit. This can be confusing for the unknowing injured claimant who could easily be denied important coverage merely by not knowing. Having an experienced workers compensation attorney means that you will be advised immediately of the full scope of available benefits, including options on settlement amounts and associated ongoing medical coverage when the injury is so severe that future treatment will be a requirement. This is very common in many occupations, such as construction or other heavy industrial work injuries. This is also a major component when attempting to collect benefits on repetitive motion disorders that are not the result of a single accident.

Complicated Cases

Many workers compensation cases can be complicated, especially when the injury actually begins on one job and creates problems in job performance ability on another. Many injuries develop over long periods of time and do not truly manifest until much later. Carpel tunnel and back injuries are prime examples of these types of injuries. Although there is no accident report on file, the job responsibilities of the injured claimant can serve as documentation that the problem could very well be associated with former job duties. This can be a futile negotiation for the typical injured claimant, and having Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP workers compensation attorneys in Ohio representing your claim means that a thorough investigation into your injury claim will be performed by your own legal team.

Never assume that you do not have a workers’ compensation claim just because the Ohio BWC has denied an initial filing. Always get an experienced workers comp attorney to evaluate your injury claim. Not only could you have a valid workers comp situation, but you may be entitled to more benefits or potential lump sum compensation than you do not realize. Call Cox, Koltak & Gibson LLP today if you have been denied a workers’ compensation claim and let the professionals do your fighting.

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