Why should an injured factory worker file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Ohio?

If you’re an Ohio factory employee and you’re injured In the course of and arising out of employment, you are eligible to file a Workers’ Compensation claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. There are times when the employer and employee are in agreement on the nature and extent of the employee’s injuries, but there are other times when issues are disputed. That’s when the claim is heard by a District Hearing Officer. In the hearing, the officer hears all evidence from both the employer and employee, including any witnesses. The officer then either makes an finding on behalf of the injured employee or makes a finding in favor of the employer. Here are the reasons you’ll want to file that workers’ compensation claim.

Medical benefits
You’re going to incur medical bills in treating for your injuries. The general rule is that the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or the employer or the employer must pay all reasonable and necessary medical bills resulting from your injury. You can select any doctor from your employer’s managed care organization so long as your doctor is certified by the Board of Workers’ Compensation. If you’re not satisfied with that doctor, you can switch to another certified doctor.

Temporary total compensation
When recovering from an injury, you can receive temporary total compensation for loss of your earnings. You cannot have abandoned your job, and one of the following conditions cannot exist:

  • You returned to work
  • Your doctor has certified that you’re able to return to work
  • Other employment is available within your physical limitations
  • Maximum medical improvement has been reached

The amount of any temporary total compensation that might be paid has minimum and maximum limits that are in addition to any other wage loss.

Permanent partial compensation and permanent total disability
If the injury is permanent, you can recover permanent partial compensation for residual disability. If the you’re unable to work in any occupation or otherwise participate in gainful employment, you might be a suitable candidate for permanent total disability compensation.

Workers’ Compensation is a highly complex area of the law. Be sure to speak with a Workers’ Compensation attorney before filing your claim.