Why are more BWC Workers’ Comp claims filed in the Columbus area than any other city in Ohio?

It is natural to assume that the majority of worker’s compensation claims will come from the metropolitan areas within the state of Ohio, but many do not realize that Columbus outpaces both the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas. While both Cleveland and Cincinnati border adjacent states, Columbus is in the center of state. This means that it is surrounded by other Ohio counties that supply a significant amount of labor for the many employers in the city. The population of Columbus is not necessarily indicative of the number of workers who commute daily, with very many of them working at the major factories and many retailers in the area. And of course, where there is a high amount of activity in a vibrant community, workers will being injured in a wide variety of ways across a wide assortment of employers. All Ohio employers as well as the Board of Worker’s Compensation are diligent when handling these work injury claims, and it almost always takes representation from an experienced worker’s comp attorney for a favorable result.

Manufacturing Sector

Columbus does not necessarily have a wide selection of factories in the local economy, but the ones who are established have significant employee rosters. Columbus is clearly an employment hub for regional factory workers. Factories are often very dangerous places of employment, and workers are regularly exposed to hazardous conditions and chemicals in the manufacturing processes. These employers also tend to be participate in the Ohio BWC system instead of being independently insured, so the claims are typically handled by the state bpard.

Construction Sector

Another important factor in the Columbus labor market is the fact that the city has surpassed the other urban areas of the state in terms of economic growth, especially since 2012. The city is actually one of the national leaders, which means that construction in the area has seen a solid uptick for the past five years. The construction sector is where a large percentage of BWC claims arise, and many times they are serious injuries because of dangerous working conditions and manual labor requirements. They also commonly are long-term injuries that may require extensive assistance from an experienced worker’s comp attorney for an equitable settlement.

Retail Sector

Columbus is home to many small businesses that employ the largest share of the local workers in a wide variety of brick-and-mortar stores and service businesses. Columbus is clearly representative of the concept that small businesses make the American economy, with the assembly of employers ranging from department and grocery stores to the large number of restaurants in the city. And, that is not the mention the fact that Ohio State University is located in Columbus as well, giving it a real economic attractiveness for small business employers who may cut corners on safety and legal workplace compliance.

Even though general damages for pain-and-suffering may not be available via the state compensation program unless the employer is negligent in some regard, worker’s compensation claims can still be very valuable financial compensation recourse tools when you have an experienced Columbus BWC lawyer who knows the community and can conduct a solid independent investigation into the injury. Never think it is a futile process. Always get an experienced attorney.

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