Workers’ Compensation for Factory Injuries in Ohio: Your Right to Protection

Factory workers in Ohio face various hazards in the workplace that can lead to injuries. If you’re a factory employee and sustain injuries during the course of your employment, you have the right to file a Workers’ Compensation claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This process ensures you receive necessary medical benefits and compensation for any temporary or permanent disabilities resulting from the injury. Understanding the benefits of filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is crucial for injured factory workers seeking fair treatment and support.

Reasons to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

1. Medical Benefits

If you’re injured while working in a factory, you will likely incur medical expenses for treatment. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or your employer should cover all reasonable and necessary medical bills related to your injury. You can choose a doctor from your employer’s managed care organization, provided the doctor is certified by the Board of Workers’ Compensation. If you’re dissatisfied with your initial doctor, you can switch to another certified physician for better care.

2. Temporary Total Compensation

During your recovery period, you may be eligible for temporary total compensation to offset your loss of earnings. However, certain conditions must be met to receive this benefit. You must not have abandoned your job, and one of the following conditions must not exist:

  • You have returned to work.
  • Your doctor has certified that you are fit to return to work.
  • Other suitable employment within your physical limitations is available.
  • You have reached maximum medical improvement.

Temporary total compensation has minimum and maximum limits in addition to any other wage loss benefits.

3. Permanent Partial Compensation and Permanent Total Disability

In cases where the injury results in a permanent disability, you may be eligible for permanent partial compensation to address residual disability. If your injuries prevent you from working in any occupation or participating in gainful employment, you might qualify for permanent total disability compensation.

The Complexity of Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ Compensation law is highly intricate and can be challenging to navigate without proper guidance. Before filing your claim, it is essential to consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney who can provide valuable insight and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.


As an injured factory worker in Ohio, you have the right to seek Workers’ Compensation for your injuries. This program provides essential medical benefits and compensation for temporary and permanent disabilities. To navigate the complexities of Workers’ Compensation law and maximize your benefits, it is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney. The attorney’s at Cox, Koltak and Gibson are here to help! We offer free consultations. Contact us today so we can be the advocates your deserve.

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