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  • What to look for why when hiring a work injury attorney if you have been injured while working in a big box store in Columbus, Ohio?

    For those who have suffered an injury while in a big box store, they are advised to seek legal counsel. However, not all lawyers have the same qualifications and abilities. Below are some of the factors that come into play when hiring an attorney.

  • Why are more BWC Workers’ Comp claims filed in the Columbus area than any other city in Ohio?

    It is natural to assume that the majority of worker’s compensation claims will come from the metropolitan areas within the state of Ohio, but many do not realize that Columbus outpaces both the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas. While both Cleveland and Cincinnati border adjacent states, Columbus is in the center of state.

  • How can filing a Workers’ Compensation claim in Ohio Can affect your employment?

    Workers’ compensation is a wonderful benefit that can help a person get through a rough patch if that person becomes unable to work in Ohio. It will provide the injured party with a portion of the pay that he or she is used to getting from the job until that person can recover from the…

  • What are the top ten careers in Ohio that work injuries would most likely happen?

    Some workers in Ohio are more likely to be injured on the job than others. Working in an office or store is one of the lowest risk occupations. However, there are jobs like firefighting and police work that require people to face dangerous situations.

  • Understanding BWC Claims in Ohio

    Who is entitled to file a BWC claim in Ohio? And when should one file the BWC claim? Anyone can file the BWC claim as long as he/she has suffered a job-related injury or illness. Once the accident occurs, the worker is entitled to receive compensation from the employer or the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

  • Understanding Workers Compensation in Columbus, Ohio: Injuries During Breaks

    Workers’ compensation is designed to cover the costs of any work-related injuries or accidents that occur on the job. Although each state has its own specific regulations, most states tend to define a work-related as something that either arises out of employment or occurs during the course of employment.

  • The Long Term Consequences Following What an Injured Worker Does After Being Injured at Work

    On the job injuries have received a lot of attention from the media and are one of the most common cases heard by the courts. In  Ohio companies are required to obtain worker’s compensation for one reason to ensure that the employees receive prompt and adequate medical care. However, worker’s compensation can be a double-edged…

  • Can I have more than one open workers compensation case in Ohio?

    The short answer to this question is yes, but there can be some restrictions in certain situations in BWC cases in Ohio when the two injuries have some type of correlation. Many times injured workers return to work before their workers comp injury completely heals, subsequently suffering another injury to the same particular part of…

  • What were the top 10 work injuries in Ohio in 2016?

    On a regular basis, work injuries occur on the job. In many cases, many of these injuries can be avoided if the worker wears the appropriate safety gear or is cautious while moving around the work site. In other cases, many of these injuries are unavoidable and can cause serious harm to the worker.

  • Do You Need an Ohio BWC Attorney?

    Workers compensation in Ohio can be a very complicated and often limited option situation for many injured workers. When an injury occurs on duty resulting from job responsibilities that are obvious workers compensation claim situations, the system usually works well when employers do not want to contest the claim.

  • How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio?

    The short answer to this question is that the state of Ohio sets two years as the statute of limitations to file a workers compensation claim for injuries that occurred at work. However, there can still be questions about when the time count actually begins involving workplace injuries where cumulative trauma or occupational diseases are…

  • Why call Cox, Koltak & Gibson, LLP if a loved one has been killed at work in Ohio?

    Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. In many instances, the loss can result in significant financial difficulty. When a loved one has been killed while at work, there may be remedies available under the law to provide compensation for the loss. In order to obtain this compensation, a specific claims process must…